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A Class Reunion
A Class Reunion

A Class Reunion

January 28, 2018 11:17am

une 1997 is the last time this group of ladies would be together in the same room.  They all attended St. John Bosco School in Parma Heights until eighth grade.  Which high school to attend after graduating from a catholic grade school is a big decision with lots of choices.  Everyone moves in different directions and those friendships from grade school often become memories. 

But, twenty years later . . .

. . . they would get together again at a reunion held at Maggie & Ellie’s Pottery and Art Studio in Strongsville.  Nicole was in charge of organizing the event and thought doing something creative would be a lot more fun than just meeting at a restaurant or bar.  We discussed options and she decided the group could do a nice canvas painting, capturing the colors of their alma mater.  The party was arranged and 12 girls arrived with enough appetizers and wine to last the evening, and then some.  The schedule got a little (ok, a LOT) off track, because every time a new face entered the door, there were screams, hug, laughter and then chatter.

We finally got the painting started and as the instructor would start moving on to the next step, it would be interrupted by “remember when…….”, or “whatever happened to….”  We learned two hours was not enough to host a reunion canvas party, but that’s ok, we are flexible.  A few hours later, armed with their leftover appetizers, unopened wine bottles, our wine cork (seriously, one of these ladies accidentally packed it with their stuff and left us theirs) and works of art, they left.  Just like June 1997, some headed home to kids, some had other plans, and some decided to head out to share a drink together at a local bar.  They were such a lovely group of ladies – we hope they don’t wait another 20 years to get together again.  We think they should have a 21 year reunion.  And we are more than happy to host it at Maggie & Ellie’s.

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You Don't Have to be an Artist to be Creative